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PuraPharm Club Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

The following terms and conditions regulate the contractual relationship between PuraPharm International Hong Kong Limited (hereinafter referred to as “PuraPharm”), PuraPharm Club members (hereinafter referred to as “members”) and PuraPharm Club Membership (hereinafter referred to as “membership”). These terms and conditions are effective as of 26th March, 2018. We encourage our members to read through the following terms and conditions carefully.

        Membership application

  1. Customers can apply for membership from PuraPharm at NO PURCHASE OF PRODUCTS IS NECESSARY TO BECOME A MEMBER
  2. PuraPharm reserves the right to admit or refuse membership. PuraPharm also reserves the right to decide unilaterally on all matters directly or indirectly relating to membership.
  3. Successful applicant will be issued a unique membership ID. The membership ID is not transferable and PuraPharm reserves all the right to forfeit or cancel or re-issue the membership ID.
  4. Anyone over the age of 18 may apply for membership. For anyone under the age of 18, they must provide written consent from their parents or legal guardian before they can apply for membership. 
  5. Members should not disclose their password to any unauthorized person. PuraPharm will not be held responsible for any consequences, loss and damage arising from the improper/ illegal/ unlawful/ unauthorized use of password or its leakage or misuse.
  6. Members may enjoy promotional offers from PuraPharm from time to time such as multiple Membership Reward Points or other special benefits.

    Membership Rewards Program

  7. Members may earn Membership Reward Points through every purchase (HK$1 = 1 Membership Reward Point). Membership Reward Points will be expired/ cancelled automatically at the end of the last day of each year (31st December).
  8. Every 10 Membership Reward Points equal to HK$1 cash value.
  9. Members can redeem their accumulated Membership Reward Points upon next or future purchase of HK$ 200 at PuraPharm Online Store.
  10. There is no spending ceiling for Membership Reward Points redemption.
  11. Membership Reward Points are accumulated and calculated from the net total purchase amount excluding delivery cost. Cents will not be calculated.
  12. Membership Reward Points redemption and other usage are only applicable when the purchase is made through the PuraPharm Online Store. 
  13. For purchases made through PuraPharm Online Store, Membership Reward Points will be deposited and stored into the member’s account within 3 working days after the transaction is confirmed. Membership Reward Points will not be awarded if the subject transaction is cancelled.
  14. PuraPharm’s member’s record (cumulated Membership Reward Points, accumulated dates, total Membership Reward Points redeemed, redemption dates, points, balance, etc…) is considered to be accurate and final. PuraPharm reserves the right to correct or change any information without prior notice.
  15. Any objection to/ dispute on the Membership Reward Points (including its calculation and accuracy) must be submitted in writing along with the customer’s receipt and membership ID, within 3 months from date of purchase to PuraPharm. Any requests made or queries submitted after three months will be invalid and disregarded.
  16. Membership Reward Points are only valid until 31st December of each year. All accumulated Membership Reward Points will be expired/ cancelled automatically on this date without prior notice. PuraPharm reserves the right to set and change Membership Reward Points expiry dates without prior notice, regardless of whether the Membership Reward Points were earned before or after the changed dates.
  17. Membership Reward Points are not the property of members.  Membership Reward Points cannot be converted to cash nor transferred to other members.
  18. PuraPharm reserves the right to adjust the terms and conditions or terminate the Membership Reward Points of any member at any time. PuraPharm reserves the right to change any terms and conditions without prior notice, and all Membership Reward Points related matters is subject to PuraPhharm’s final decision in case of disputes.

    Termination of membership

  19. Manipulation or misuse or abuse of “PuraPharm club membership account,” “Membership Reward Points,” or member privileges may result in suspension or termination of membership and all related privileges.
  20. If a member has created more than one account, PuraPharm reserves the right to cancel any accounts of the member and cancel or refuse to merge all accumulated Membership Reward Points.
  21. When a member cancels his or her account (unless it is due to the merging of accounts), all unused shopping vouchers or Membership Reward Points will be cancelled automatically and will not be carried over for future use.
  22. Members may terminate their account at any time through written notice.  At the same time, their Membership Reward Points balance will be cancelled and deemed invalid.
  23. PuraPharm reserves the right to cancel, modify or replace all conversion terms and conditions and membership benefits without prior notice.
  24. If there is any inappropriate or fraudulent conduct such as membership abuse or misuse, or any breach of company terms and conditions, PuraPharm will have the right to cancel the said member’s account and all associated privileges and Membership Reward Points will be cancelled.
  25. If a Member acts in a dishonest or inappropriate manner or commits fraud or deception to gain Membership Reward Points, discounts, service and or other privileges, the said member will not only be responsible for full compensation of all Membership Reward Points, discounts, service or privileges, but will also be responsible for all losses and damages including all costs and expenses suffered or incurred by PuraPharm.

    Protection of Privacy and Personal Data

  26. In order to become a member and enjoy membership discounts and benefits, the customer must provide complete and relevant personal information to PuraPharm. Failing to provide full and accurate personal information may result in an invalid or incomplete application and hence rejected.
  27. PuraPharm is committed to protecting the privacy and personal data of their members. PuraPharm ensures that the information collected, used, retained, transferred and processed are in line with Hong Kong laws and regulations. Customers who apply for membership automatically agree to all stated privacy and personal data policies.
  28. PuraPharm may require members to submit information including but not limited to name, gender, age, HK identification card number, telephone number, fax number, address, email address, credit card information, education level, occupation, household income, interest and favorite activities from time to time. If the customer is under 18 years old, he or she must provide the written consent of a parent or guardian before submitting any personal information to PuraPharm.
  29. The customer agrees that the personal data provided may be used and retained for the following purposes, or any other purposes approved by PuraPharm or required by law: (a) to provide services; (b) for goods and services promotional purposes of PuraPharm; (c) dealing with all membership related promotions; (d) analyzing, certifying and/ or checking service and related activity payment and conditions; (e) to fulfill PuraPharm’s responsibility according to relevant laws, regulations and industry requirements.
  30. Customers’ personal data will be kept for a reasonable period of time. Customers can: (a) inquire whether PuraPharm has their personal data; (b) obtain their personal data from PuraPharm; (c) ask PuraPharm to correct errors on their personal data record; (d) learn about the PuraPharm’s policies and practices on personal data. PuraPharm can charge a reasonable fee for the processing of personal applications. All requirements to obtain or correct personal data or relevant policies must be submitted in writing to PuraPharm.
  31. PuraPharm is hereby authorized to disclose and transfer all customer data to its companies, subsidiaries, associated companies and connected companies (whether in Hong Kong or overseas). PuraPharm and its associated companies can also have access to all customer data for goods and services promotional purposes. PuraPharm and its associated companies are also authorized to share and compare all customer details in its database. If you do not wish to receive any promotional information or materials from PuraPharm, you must submit a written notice to PuraPharm.
  32. Customers who do not wish to disclose their personal information to any third party, member must submit a written notice to PuraPharm (contact method as above).

    Disclaimer, legal and judicial decisions

  33. Since our website and online system is reliant on electronic devices, the Internet and network providers, PuraPharm is not responsible for any losses incurred as a result of electronics or internet failure, system or software vulnerabilities, computer virus or security attack.  In particular, no warranty or representation regarding accuracy, timeliness, reliability, completeness, freedom from computer virus, security, non-infringement, merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose is given in conjunction with such information, material, service or software. 
  34. Unless otherwise regulated by applicable law, PuraPharm or its related companies do not make any statements or guarantees, whether express or implied, statutory or otherwise, including but not limited to PuraPharm or PuraPharm Club’s reliability, and clearly states that it is free of any promise or binding agreements. PuraPharm is not responsible for any direct or indirect losses or damages suffered from membership application, product order, usage, reward points, vouchers, payment or the inability to use any goods and services.
  35. PuraPharm reserves the right, in its sole and absolute discretion to resolve and decide on all terms and conditions, disputes, or membership program matters such as membership eligibility, benefits, Membership Reward Points and redeemed items from earned or accumulated Membership Reward Points. PuraPharm reserves the right of final decisions on all above-mentioned matters. Decisions are binding to all PuraPharm members.
  36. We don’t accept any exchange or return goods except the goods is damaged or expired, so please check detail about the goods when receiving, if the goods is damaged or expired, we will arrange someone special to receive and exchange your goods.
  37. All terms and conditions shall be governed and interpreted in all respects by the laws of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.  Any dispute relating and arising from this terms and conditions shall be submitted to the jurisdiction of courts of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.
  38. These terms and conditions do not intend in any way to limit the rights of consumers under Hong Kong’s consumer protection laws. If any of the listed terms and conditions is held to be invalid in court or for whatever reason, it will be deemed invalid but will not affect the remaining terms and conditions.

The membership terms and conditions listed on PuraPharm Group website: , should prevail at all times. PuraPharm reserves the right to adjust the terms and conditions or terminate the Membership Reward Points of any member at any time. PuraPharm reserves the right to change all terms and conditions without prior notice, and reserves the final decision on all Membership Reward Points related matters in case of disputes.

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